Glágio do Brasil

Excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. These are the main features of Glágio do Brasil, 100% national company. Founded in 1991, the company specializes in manufacturing Body Armors in protection levels IIA, II, IIIA, III and IV, and also in Ballistic Plates and Ballistic Helmets.

Glágio’s products have the standard of the National Institute of Justice – NIJ (National Institute of Justice of the United States), in accordance with the standards 0101.04, 0115.00, 0106.01 and 0108.01 and are approved by the Marambaia Proving Ground, the Ministry of Defense of Brazil – Brazilian Army, in addition to standard STANAG 2920.

The 25 years company performance ensured the achievement of the largest consumers of security markets in Brazil and also internationally. Among the main customers of Glágio do Brasil are: the Federal Police, Federal Highway Police, Military Police of Minas Gerais, Ministry of Defence, Brazilian Army, Navy and Air Force.

In addition, by allowing the Brazilian Army for manufacturing and internal and external marketing of its products, Glágio provides for private security firms and values transport: jackets, helmets and ballistic plates.

In 2015, Glágio do Brasil, won the EED certification (Strategic Defense Company) and its products have been certified with the seal PRODE (Defense Strategic Products).

América Blindagem 

América Blindagem is the exclusive marketer of Glágio of Brazil and came emerged on the national scene in 1999 with the aim of meeting the ballistic protection demand in the private sector of armed guards and values transport.

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