Honeywell’s Gold Shield to be used in vests for Brazil’s police

Feb. 13 (UPI) — Police in Minas Gerais, the second-largest state in Brazil, are to receive protective vests made from Honeywell’s Gold Shield ballistic composite materials.

The new vests are being manufactured by Glagio do Brasil. Honeywell says the material affords users more flexibility and improved protection compared with other body armor types. The company adds the material is ideal for environments with variable weather conditions.

“We sought a high-performance material from which we could produce vests that provide military-grade protection, while also being lighter and more comfortable than current models,” Glagio do Brasil Ltda general manager Luiz Paulo Lopes said in a press release. “With Honeywell Gold Shield, we can incorporate the most innovative armor technology into our products to help protect the brave officers of Minas Gerais.”

Glagio do Brasil also manufactures protective gear used by Brazil’s armed forces and federal police.

“Gold Shield is the optimal material for law enforcement vests that helps ensure Brazil’s police officers are protected from ballistic threats, while also being able to move comfortably under a variety of conditions,” Honeywell Packaging and Composites manager Greg Davis added.